Common diseases of cats
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No1. Tinea felis

Why is there tinea felis. There are three main reasons: the lack of vitamins in the diet of cats. There are dust and fungi in the house. Lack of sunshine. If the number of domestic cats is small, the effect of medicated bath and local smearing is very good. It will be cured in about a month. Cats are too small to use medicine bath, you can choose to use alcohol to wipe the affected area after shaving, and then apply medicine.

Now the more popular way is medicine bath. Shave the affected area. Choose Jieeryin (yes, it's used in gynecology) diluted water medicine bath. Then rub it with a little bit of Shisheng (selenium sulfide solution). Then rinse with warm water (be sure to rinse the whole body, and don't get the medicine into the cat's eyes). Apply ointment to the affected area. It's OK to use the red bottle fungal spray of melamex / clotrimazole / hirsute / Saint Lucifer( Clotrimazole ointment is cheap. Lanmeishu ointment, 15 yuan / piece. Caile shampoo is 29 yuan / bottle. Jieeryin Lotion 8 yuan / bottle. Shisheng 26 yuan / bottle. Compound vitamin B tablets 2 yuan / bottle. Griseofulvin is cheap, but it is easy to cause liver damage by oral administration, so it is not commonly used.)

What's the frequency of medicine bath? In the early stage of the disease, wash once every two days when the disease is serious. In the interval of two days, you can apply one of malamesul / clotrimazole / hirsute in the place where the cat's hair is removed. To pay attention to the cat after smearing, to observe about 10 minutes, try to prevent the cat to lick the ointment on the body (recommended to bring the Elizabethan circle Oh Especially for clotrimazole, it is easy for cats to cause toxic blindness after licking. The disease was under control. After the symptoms were obviously relieved, they were washed every 4 days. After the symptoms disappear, only Jieeryin wash once every 10 days, because this disease is easy to relapse, after the symptoms disappear, should also be closely observed, regular medicine bath.

Method of medicine bath:

Use a smaller plastic bucket, enough for the cat to squat in. The water should be moderate, just below the cat's neck. The cat can fully soak the skin in the barrel, and the water in the barrel is not easy to spill out. Give the cat a bath time should not be too long, a little stay 2 minutes rub wash out. After washing, use more clean toilet paper to suck up the water on the cat. The advantage of this is to prevent cross infection. When the toilet paper is used up, it is not necessary to disinfect it again. There should be at least two plastic buckets, one for washing and one for flushing, at least twice for cleaning. The plastic bucket must be disinfected with 84 solution every time it is used up. Pay attention to wash clean water after disinfection.

Disinfection at home:

When touching them, wear a hospital white coat or old clothes, disposable gloves and shoe covers. When taking a bath, you can wear a mask and hat to prevent dirty water. Wash your cat's hands with soap after taking a bath. If your cat gets tinea felis, you should never contact other healthy cats directly to prevent it from infecting other cats. Because tinea felis is similar to tinea pedis, you should also pay attention to your own health. The mat, bed sheet and floor of the cat in the house should be cleaned with 84 disinfectant diluent. Pay attention to the environmental hygiene and open the window for ventilation.

NO2. Diarrhea

For a cat with diarrhea, the first thing to do is to find out the reason.

A. Dyspepsia

This is the most common cause of diarrhea, especially in kittens under half a year old. Simple dyspepsia is also called loose stool.

Change food or catch cold

Generally, kittens have diarrhea because they change food. Because their system is very delicate, lacking a lot of digestive enzymes, poor digestion will dilute, if not, it will become thinner and thinner, causing dehydration, it will be very dangerous.

Another is catching a cold. Generally speaking, as long as the cat's spirit and appetite are the same as usual, it can be considered that the sudden change of the weather and the cold lead to diarrhea. It is necessary to keep the cat warm and adjust his digestion properly.

In these two cases, stop feeding foods that are hard to digest, such as canned food and meat, and feed two tablets of raw milk enzyme or mammie at a time, But not together. You can feed with a needle without a needle.

B. Enteritis

Enteritis symptoms in addition to diarrhea, the cat's mental state is not good, temperature rise. In this case, the symptoms of the cat and cat infectious enteritis (cat plague) are very similar. After confirming that the cat has been immunized, you can treat it according to the following methods. Otherwise, please go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis as soon as possible.

The doctor will give it some anti-inflammatory drugs. After taking anti-inflammatory drugs, the cat needs to be fed some digestive aids of live bacteria, such as lactase, MAMIAI, etc., to help the cat recover its digestive ability. You can also go to the drugstore to buy "Smecta" to stop the cat diarrhea. Different from Qingda, it uses physical methods to take bacteria out of the body.

C. Parasites

Need to take medicine to fight insects, it is best to go to the hospital to do a check, and then targeted medication. Generally speaking, you should take anthelmintic once every three months.

Daily care of cat gastrointestinal discomfort:

1. Pay attention to diet: do not feed indigestible food, ensure drinking water, remember not to feed raw water, do not feed salty food.

2. Pay attention to the sanitation and temperature of the cat's living environment. If conditions permit, bask in the sun for 1-2 hours a day.

3. Properly assist some digestive drugs, such as dried yeast tablets. Because of the faint fragrance, the cat will take the initiative to eat the yeast tablets. But Qingda can't feed it often. Over a long time, it may lead to hearing loss.