Five taboos to cat
04.26.2021 | ogcatlitter | Introduction to new cat raising

Raising cats is a trend in the era of sucking cats. More and more meow people begin to participate in human families. In order to satisfy their love for cats, cat slaves begin to take cats home one after another.

Among so many pet owners, cats can be said to be the easiest to raise. They are independent and know how to amuse themselves. Raising them will be very easy.

However, cats are not suitable for everyone. Some cat owners don't really love cats. They follow the trend blindly, in order to satisfy their enthusiasm of showing off cats and attract other people's attention. For people who don't really love cats, cats are like toys, so they always treat cats in inappropriate ways

In fact, there are many details that need to be paid attention to when raising cats. In particular, don't make these five taboos, otherwise it will really hurt cats

The first taboo: cats can not be violent corporal punishment, it will make it hate you.

Cat is famous for being naughty and mischievous. It often does bad things by virtue of curiosity. In order to make the cat master clever and sensible, it is inevitable to educate the cat.

However, don't punish cats with violence. Cats are naturally very sensitive and "eat soft but not hard". It's OK to meet a clever cat. It may become clever after being beaten. But once it comes across a cat with a bad temper, it can't be obedient and even have a stress reaction.

If you can remind the cat in a gentle way, don't treat the cat in a violent way, otherwise, even if the cat is well educated by you, the relationship between you and the cat will not be as good as before.

The second taboo: cats are afraid of going out. Don't take them out.

Cats are not allowed to walk. If you like to bring pets that can show off, dogs will be more suitable.

The domestic cat is very timid. The long-term family life makes it very sensitive to strange things. It is more like abuse to let the cat go out, which will make it panic.

Walking the cat will not only affect the cat's mental health, the cat is also likely to be frightened by the outdoor noise and run around. Once the cat is lost, it can't come back.

The third taboo: cats are afraid of obesity. Obesity is a disease.

Many dung shoveling officials have a special liking for fat cats. They feel cute and feel good. They can't wait to develop their cats into fat cats.

This is actually a very wrong idea, obesity is not a good thing for cats, excessive obesity will bring burden to the cat's body, lead to a variety of diseases, and even shorten the cat's life.

To reasonably control the cat's weight, usually take more time to play with the cat, don't wait for the cat to grow into a fat cat, to lose weight will be very troublesome.

The fourth taboo: don't raise a cat on a whim. It will harm the cat for life.

A cat is not a companion toy. Many long-lived meow people can live for nearly 20 years. Once you choose to have a cat, you should be prepared not to abandon it. It is very pitiful for stray cats to live a life of starvation.

Before raising a cat, you should first understand the living habits of the cat and the precautions for raising a cat. Don't raise a cat on the spur of the moment. It's very irresponsible.

The fifth taboo: cats can't bathe often. Fear will affect their psychology.

The cat is the only pet that can be carried into the quilt. Dung shoveling officers like to clean the cat, especially those who are addicted to cleanliness. They want to clean the cat, but they are afraid that the cat is not clean, so they always give the cat a bath.

Cats can't bathe too often. They are naturally afraid of water. When they touch water, it's like killing pigs. This will seriously affect the cat's mental health. Once there is a stress reaction, it's easy to move its paws.

Meow people love to be clean. Even if they don't take a bath all their lives, it won't affect their cleanliness. Cats spend a lot of time licking their hair every day to keep themselves beautiful.