General knowledge of raising cats
04.26.2021 | ogcatlitter | Introduction to new cat raising

Can cats and milk? Why are cats upset in the new environment? Do cats have to be sterilized? How to bathe and cut nails for cats? The kitten asked nine questions in a small editing and finishing. I hope it will help the owners~~

Domestic cat

1、 Will you give the cat milk?

This is the most common problem I hear. In fact, many cat owners know that it is not good to feed cats to drink milk, but they think only milk can give cats rich nutrition. I will tell the owners that, due to the cat's lactose tolerance, it will make the cat uncomfortable to have milk every morning. For cats, dry cat food is the first source of cat nutrition and does not require any other special supplements. Dry food is cheap and convenient, and it can also maintain the body nutrition of cats. In addition, dry food can be fed freely and will not cause waste. If there is any special need, you should also listen to the doctor's advice to provide special supplies for cats. It is not good to eat too much for cats.

2、 Why is cat a vandalism king all the time?

The new carpet has no smell and color. Why does the cat destroy it?

Because of cat instinct, it will have habits of destroying something that can cause troubles at home. In fact, sometimes the damage of cats may be caused by the owner's reasons: when there are new pets or people (especially children) visiting, changes in life and rest time, too small cage or cage replacement, feeding situation or seasonal change, urinary tract infection caused by drugs, especially bladder stimulation or excessive urine.

In addition, cat is a sensitive animal, and the time of work and rest changes subtly, and the cat will change its behavior, and the owner's mood will also affect the cat. These may be the motive for it to destroy and vent its depression.

To solve the problem, we should first seek veterinary examination and urine analysis. When the cause of disease is determined, the situation can be improved when the drug treatment is started.

If it is caused by other reasons, if it cannot be restored to the initial state, it needs to give the cat a time to adapt to it. If it can endure, generally speaking, it will have good results in a period of time. But if cats are unable to adapt to it, many new anti anxiety, sedative and stable drugs are widely used in cats, and some hospitals can provide mental relaxation treatment.

3、 Should cats be "clicked"?

It's rolling, yelling, fidgeting, eating nothing, which is the performance of a cat when it's in love, and this behavior usually lasts for about half a month.

The only way to solve this problem is to "click" the cat. Some owners may feel that it is very difficult to deprive the cat of her reproductive rights. In fact, reproductive surgery can improve its behavior, potentially reduce the number of stray cats, reduce the destructive desire of cats, and reduce reproductive tract diseases, including breast cancer and uterine infection.

The best age for cats is about 5-6 months. It is worth noting that reproductive surgery does not hinder the development of cats, but to prevent cats from "clicking" after the weight soars too fast.

4、 Can cats cut their nails?

Proper nail cutting can reduce the destructive power of the cat and will not change its behavior. But the cat can not protect herself after cutting her nails. It must be kept at home. It must not be allowed to be kept.

But from the point of view of cat health, it is not recommended to cut off the cat's back toe nails, because the hind foot rarely hurts people and furniture, and can provide some self-defense and tree climbing ability for cats. The nail cutting for the cat's forepaw should be trained from a small age. It is usually suitable once a month. When trimming, only the transparent cuticle of the front end can be cut off, and it must be polished and smooth after trimming. At first, the cat will be more disgusted with nail cutting. It is better to choose it to trim when she wakes up. After trimming one or two, if it shows impatience, it can play and reward food or toys. Do not force it to produce more conflicting emotions.

5、 Do cats need to take a bath?

If the cat is not properly cleaned, it will cause serious hair removal or swallow a large number of hair balls, so it needs to be cleaned and combed every day. As for how to reduce fleas, first of all, let your cat in the room. When flea is found in cats, it is necessary to comb the fleas first, remove fleas, then bathe, spray fleas, or take them to treat fleas. However, it is only suitable for cats with a size of more than 6 weeks, which can be maintained for 30 days at a time.

As for environmental control to keep the home environment clean, every corner should be noted, so that can be avoided.

6、 Raised outdoors or indoors?

"Should I let my cat out and breathe fresh air?" I usually answer: "if you want your cat to be exposed to cars, stray dogs, disease infections, stray cats, poisons, and cats, let it go out!" In fact, cats spend a lot of time sleeping (18 or 19 hours a day), many things can be arranged in small rooms, and proper sports and entertainment can be arranged in them. If you allow a cat to go out, it's better not to cut his nails. Claws are important for cats living outdoors. At the same time, we should do a good job of supervision and timely vaccination. Also note if your cat has parasites.

7、 What kind of vaccine does the cat need to take?

Vaccines can cause cats to be resistant to infection. Basically, there are four vaccines, common three in one mixed vaccine, can resist a lot of respiratory tract, digestive tract, systemic vaccine infection; FeLV, can prevent cats from infecting the cat leukaemia virus; FIP can fight the cat infectious peritonitis virus; hydrophobia vaccine.

Young cats and adult cats need to inject these vaccines on time to increase their resistance, but vaccination will not be 100% safe, and vaccines can only provide the best prevention.

8、 Cat and human age conversion

On average, cats live to about 15 or 16 years old. Some cats are still healthy at age 20. When calculating the age of a cat is about the age of a person, the algorithm is as follows: the cat is 1 years old or 20 years old, then the cat will be equal to four years old every year, the cat is about 24 years old at the age of 2 years old, and the cat is about 44 years old when the cat is 7 years old.

9、 Why do cats vomit often?

Some cats are sensitive to certain foods and spit them out, so stop feeding them to avoid vomiting again. Some plants can cause allergies or poisoning, remove toxic allergic plants or put them out of food.

Some cats eat too fast, and they also spit fast and have no weight loss or systemic disease. A small amount of meals can help solve this problem. If there is any persistent, painful or intermittent vomiting, please consult your veterinarian immediately.

In addition, it is normal for cats to spit hair balls, but they should be combed daily, and the hair cream can be given to reduce the possibility of hair puking balls. If you have a cold or persistent vomiting, ask your veterinary doctor.