Happy cat strategy: seven mistakes that novice excrement shoveling officials can't make
04.26.2021 | ogcatlitter | Introduction to new cat raising

Cats are born clean and have a regular life. For pet lovers, it's really a happy thing to have a cat. But what many novices don't know is that there are seven things that novices are particularly prone to make mistakes besides shoveling their cats' excrement on time. We must pay attention to them.

First, don't bathe the cat too often. The cat's body will secrete oil to protect its fur. Frequent bathing will cause a large amount of oil loss on the epidermis, making the skin dry and elastic. This will make the cat more prone to skin diseases, and make its fur look dull and feel unsmooth.

Second, don't tease the cat with your hands. Cats are too excited to tease, and they will bite or scratch you out of instinct. Many novices who are scratched and bitten by cats are caused by not knowing this and teasing cats with their hands. In the case of not understanding the cat's character, we must do a good job in self-protection, the best way to tease the cat is to use the teaser stick.

Third, when a cat is half a year old, remember to sterilize it. The earlier the cat is sterilized, the better. It's best before the cat's first estrus. Six months later, the best time for sterilization is when the cat's skeletal development is completed and it is not in estrus. This is not cruel to the cat, on the contrary, it is good for the cat's health and longevity.

Fourth, don't walk the cat outside. Cats are naturally timid and cautious about strange things. Taking a cat out for a walk is likely to cause stress reaction in the cat, which may lead to the death of the cat.

Fifth, don't bring collars or bells to cats. Cats don't like to be bound, and their hearing is very sensitive. The sound of the bell will cause continuous mental stress to the cat. The most important thing is that cats like to jump up and down, wearing a collar is easy to be hung in the process, if it is serious, it will be life-threatening.

Sixth, don't beat cats. As the saying goes: a cat is a demon when it's quiet. A cat can be called a small expert in dismantling. If a cat does something wrong, it must be corrected and stopped in time, but remember not to beat the cat. Because cats are very vengeful. Once they are beaten, they will get back at you.

Seventh, don't feed cats. Many human foods may be fatal poisons to cats. Never give them to cats, such as onions, garlic, raisins, wine and chocolate. The best staple food is cat food, including canned cat food, fish, beef, chicken breast and so on.