How many do you know about the five basic knowledge of raising a cat?
04.23.2021 | ogcatlitter | Introduction to new cat raising

To raise a cat, we must first understand the cat, and then we can take better care of her. There are several common sense, I hope you know, you can also add. The following are personal views only.

1: Cats don't catch mice. Although people think that cats will catch mice when they mention cats, with the development of society, mice have become human pets, which means that not all cats can catch mice, or cats and mice can live in harmony, and maybe he has never seen mice in his life.

2: Science is a pet. It is an inevitable trend for the development of modern society to foster the pet scientifically. With more and more pet owners, all kinds of problems will appear. For example, some people raise cats on a whim, and finally find that they don't like them or abandon them for various reasons. Or there is no human intervention, let them give birth to a nest of kittens for love, especially the garden cat, and finally no one adopted them, because of various reasons to abandon them. So what about those little lives. Therefore, pet should be conscious, especially the garden cat, must be sterilized, and have the determination and courage to keep them for a lifetime, do not give them up for various reasons.

3: Scientific pet sterilization. Sterilization, say the important thing three times. The garden cat, in particular, must be sterilized. Find a regular pet hospital, reliable pet doctor, in order to ensure safety. They should also be vaccinated before sterilization. Cats without vaccination cannot be sterilized.

4: Cat litter, cat toilet to use cat litter, before the cat toilet is buried in the sand, so there is the existence of cat litter. Cats love to be clean. When they were young, they taught them how to go to the toilet, so they would not go to the toilet everywhere.

5: Cat grass. Cats at home should feed them cat grass regularly. In the past, cats could judge whether it was cat grass or not. Now when cats don't go out and lick their hair for a long time, there will be a lot of cat hair in their stomach. They need to rely on cat grass to stimulate it to spit out. So it's OK to eat cat grass or Huamao ointment for cats regularly.