How to give a cat a bath
04.26.2021 | ogcatlitter | Introduction to new cat raising

Bathing a cat is a big learning. If the cat doesn't cooperate, it will hurt either you or your cat. So it is necessary to make a series of preparations and master the skills of bathing.

Preparation stage:

First of all, we need to have a big enough bath for cats; But it should not be too big, otherwise the cat may feel scared and panic. Secondly, the cat nail clipper, dry towel, water ladle, comb, cat bath milk, hair dryer, cotton ball and other necessary items should be prepared in advance. When you take a formal bath, you won't have time to look for them, especially when you take a bath for a naughty cat.

Before bathing:

Use your cat's nail clipper to trim your paws. This is to prevent your cat from scratching you in the shower due to excessive excitement and tension. Before taking a bath, you need to comb the cat's hair with a comb, which is to prevent knotting when the hair is wet.

When taking a bath:

Put the cat in the cat bath, and play with it for a while before pouring water, which can relieve its nervous mood. When it is relaxed, it is more convenient to take a bath. You can also put some toys it likes beside. Next, pour warm water into the bathtub. The water temperature should be controlled at 36-39 ℃ ° C. at first, it's not above the cat's knee. While interacting with the cat, pour water on it with a water scoop. When the whole body is wet, you can wash it with cat bath milk. In the process of bathing, you should pay attention not to let water and bath milk enter the cat's eyes and ears, which may make it jump and jump because of fright. You can plug a cotton ball outside the ear canal in advance, and wipe it with a wet towel when cleaning the head. After bathing, wash the foam on the cat with a water glass, but it also needs to be carried out when the cat is relaxed. Finally, let the cat bathe in the water for about a minute to check whether all the bath milk is washed.

Note: when using cat bath milk, remember to read the instructions carefully. If the cleaning time is too short, the cleaning effect may not be good, but if the cleaning time is too long, the cat's skin may be damaged. At the same time, some bath milk needs to be diluted before use, so this is very important.

After bathing:

Wipe the cat's whole body with a dry towel prepared in advance. At the same time, pay attention to the warmth of the cat. When there is no water dripping from the hair, take a cotton ball to clean the cat's face, ears, eyes and nose, and then use a hair dryer to thoroughly dry the water on the hair. The last step is to comb the hair in the direction of its growth with a comb, so that the cat's bath work is completed perfectly.


l    Cats should not bathe too often, otherwise it may cause damage to the cat's fur and skin diseases;

l    When you give a cat a bath, you must appease the cat and keep it relaxed and calm;

l    Bath time should not be too long, try to finish in a short time.