Introduction to new cat owners
04.23.2021 | ogcatlitter | Introduction to new cat raising

New cat all strategy, read this article enough! Look at the shit Officer

Owning a kitten belongs to oneself is a big joy in life. In order to meet its arrival, the excrement officer needs to make a lot of preparations.

How to choose a healthy cat? What necessities do you need to prepare for a cat?

Today, share the guide to keep cats away from the pit. The new Jindao or the ones who are preparing to raise cats will come to see~

1、 How to choose healthy cats

1. Ears:

Healthy ears are clean and odorless. If the cat has a tan secretion in its ears, it may be the mite.

2. Eyes:

The cat should have clean and clear eyes, and no obvious tears on the corner of the eyes except for Garfield, a cat with short natural lacrimal glands.

3. Mouth:

Look at whether the cat is drooling, whether there is swelling and stones in the gums.

4. Nose:

A healthy cat has a moist, pink nose.

5. Buttocks:

Check the bottom for cleanliness, feel the stomach and do not bulge.

6. Hair:

The most important thing to pay attention to is tinea feline. Although it is not a serious disease, the treatment cycle is long and easy to repeat.

When selecting a cat, prepare a Woodwell lamp, irradiate the cat's skin. If hair is found to fall off, scab and fluorescence appears, it may be tinea feline.

7. Purchase route:

Must go to the regular cat house to buy, before buying can search the Internet, check the evaluation of the shop, or look for the dog around the shovel officials to understand.

It can also be adopted instead of buying, so that stray cats have a warm home.

8. Parasite detection:

Whether it's buying or adopting, it's best to have a basic physical examination before you pick up the cat home, and the most important of all is parasite testing.

There may be many parasites on the cat, which not only threaten the life of cats, but also lead to the common disease of human pet, which affects the health of human beings. Therefore, we must make a parasite test for cats.

2、 Cat necessities

1. Cat cage

When a cat comes to the house, it can be locked in a cage to adapt to the environment. After that, the cat cage is also very useful for cleaning the house and isolating many cats from illness.

2. Cat bag

Cats need to go out to see a doctor and take a bath. Basic air box can. It is better not to buy a transparent cat bag with special fire on a treasure! The timid cat is prone to stress response in the fully exposed environment.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the larger space and good air permeability, otherwise the cat will have the risk of suffocation.

3. Cat food

Cat is a meat eater, the main ingredient of cat food must be meat! Meat! Meat! Tens of dollars ten jin of toxic cat food, all flour and additives, do not buy!

4. Water dispenser

Cats like to drink flowing water. It is recommended to choose a drinking water device with automatic circulation and clean regularly to prevent dust from falling into.

5. Cat sand

The four most common cat sand on the market, summed up their advantages and disadvantages, the excrement officer can choose according to their own situation.

Bentonite cat sand:

Advantages: good agglomeration, economic benefits.

Disadvantages: dust is large and easy to bring out.

Tofu cat sand:

Advantages: fresh taste, small dust, can directly rush into the toilet.

Disadvantages: easy to stick to the bottom, long time dust.

Crystal cat sand:

Advantages: no dust, fast absorption, good deodorization effect.

Disadvantages: not agglomerated, poor foot feeling, difficult to clean.

Pine cat sand:

Advantages: small dust, fast absorption.

Disadvantages: poor foot feeling, wet environment is easy to be damp, need to be cleaned in time.

6. Cat sand basin

It is suggested to buy closed and opaque ones. One is to give the cat a sense of safety, and the other is to reduce the amount of cat sand taken out.

7. Cat bowl

Best buy Ceramics, not easy to breed bacteria, prepare two dry and wet separate, daily cleaning.

8. Cat grab board

It is suggested to buy more and put them everywhere. Cats like to wear their claws. Without cat scratch boards, they can only go to the couch.

9. Nutrition

Vitamin B, probiotics can be always available, so that cats better gastrointestinal, hair color health.

10. Catkins

Cats especially like to lick hair. Hair can not be discharged for a long time, which will not only affect appetite, but also block gastrointestinal tract and endanger life. Cat grass can alleviate the clogging of hair ball. The hair cream contains a lot of grease, so it is not recommended to buy it. Cats like to lick their hair, brush their hair and feed them to relieve the symptoms of hair balls.

11. Cat toys

Regular cat Teaser stick, cat climbing rack, ground mouse, etc. can be used. It can be taken up for a few minutes to give the cat a fresh feeling. In addition, the laser pen should not play for cats, it is not good for the eyes.

12. Cat triple

The three links of cats are mainly to prevent cat blast, cat nasal branch and cat goblet virus.

Under normal circumstances, the best young cat should be 2 months old, weighing more than 1 kg. After one week of self-care, the first shot should be vaccinated under normal conditions when eating and drinking at home. After that, the first shot should be vaccinated every 21-30 days until three shots are completed. After the first vaccination, it is only necessary to hit once a year.

13. Rabies

After three months of playing three pairs, rabies vaccine can be given at 7 days intervals.

How much money does it cost to raise a cat? Don't worry. I'll save you money!

Cat nest( ×) If you want to choose a most useless cat product, it must not be cat nest. Cats will sleep in paper boxes, beds, sofas, ground, even your face, and they will not sleep in cat's nest!

So don't buy cat nest to waste money. It prefers your express box.

Regular insect repellent( ×) Many excrement officers will regularly drive pets away from insects, in fact, this is the wrong way!

The infection rate of pet parasite is less than 30%, which is a three-point drug, and blind eating of insecticide repellent is harmful to pet health.

Before we expel insects, we should first test the parasites of pets to understand the health of pets. After determining which parasites exist in pets, we consult with doctors to choose the most appropriate drugs and methods for insect repellent treatment.

3、 Are you ready to raise a cat

Cats are lovely, but they have many disadvantages.

Some cats stick to people, some are very cold. Cats can't understand your words, and they can't respond to you like dogs. Cats will be naughty and destroy. They lose hair 365 days a year, and shit can stink and dizzy people. They will pee at random during the estrus period

Can you bear all these shortcomings?

So before raising, we must consider it well, and if you raise it, you must be responsible for it. Hold the claw of the son and shovel the shit to the old.

I hope you can find a cute kitten, and love it all your life!