Notes for novice cat owners
04.23.2021 | ogcatlitter | Introduction to new cat raising

It is a very happy thing to have a cat of his own. When he meow to you for the first time, he sleeps peacefully around you for the first time, and shows his belly happily when playing for the first time. You will sigh how there is such a lovely little thing in the world, and can't help but want to take the best thing in the world to him. Many novice cats and mothers worry about their poor maintenance before they raise meow. In fact, the vitality of cats is very strong, far from that fragile as we think. As long as scientific feeding, heart treatment, most meow can accompany us for many years.

(the following content is only for the parents to become friends some feeding suggestions, if there is any omission, welcome to add a message, I will update important information in the main post.)

Before raising a cat, please examine your objective conditions:

1. Cats are delicate and sensitive animals. Changing the living environment is a big taboo for cats. Before you want to take a cat home, please ask yourself very seriously: can you provide a stable and relatively comfortable living environment for cats, and do not abandon them for objective reasons such as work change, family keeping, pregnancy and children;

2. It is a costly job to raise cats. Do you have a stable source of economy to pay for the daily expenses of cats and a series of uncertain costs such as vaccine, sterilization, disease treatment, etc?

If all of the above questions can be answered with certainty, congratulations. In the next decade, you will have a little elf warm company with you.

Before you can get a cat home, you need to prepare for:

1. Seal balcony, install solid screen window. Don't be fluke, because you can't predict all the accidents before they happen. Cats are not as high as we think. A group of flying birds and an insect lying on the window are enough to arouse their curiosity and make tragedy. So as parents, we should do all the protection work to prevent them from accidents.

2. Take in dangerous goods. Any sharp or fragile products (such as knives, glass products) are potentially dangerous for cats, especially the young kittens, who are curious, lively and easy to cut. Once swallowed by mistake, the consequences of linear objects (especially wool, thread head, etc.) are unthinkable.

In addition, the green plants, food or kitchen cleaning agents which are toxic to the cat itself should be avoided in the cat's activity range as far as possible, such as coffee, chocolate, lily, night fragrance, azalea, etc. in case of poisoning, they should be sent to the doctor immediately.

3. Procurement of living goods.

1) . necessities to be prepared in advance - Cat bag, cat food, rice basin, cat sand basin, cat sand

Cat bag and cat sand basin should be bought as big as possible, one step in place, and it is not to be replaced later. Cat food should be replaced step by step to avoid cat stomach discomfort. The first step is to promote the foreign grain without grain. Try not to buy domestic commodity food, and keep away from junk drug food. If the milk cat or kitten is picked up, they should also prepare milk powder for sheep. Most of the kittens are lactose intolerable and can not drink milk. Rice pots can be selected according to their own economic conditions, if possible, smart rice pots / drinking water dispensers can be selected. The economy is a little tight to buy ordinary funds. There are many kinds of cat sand, and it is commonly used in tofu sand. It can wash toilet directly, saving time and effort.

2) . necessities that can be purchased behind the schedule: comb, nail knife, pet shower gel and tooth cleaning products

Pet comb is a variety of different, price range from more than 10 to hundreds, can be selected according to their cat situation. It is very necessary to comb hair thoroughly every day, not only can reduce hair loss, but also prevent the occurrence of trichoglobulosis. Unlike human nails, cats need to buy special nail knives to trim their nails regularly to avoid being scratched accidentally. Animals and people have different skin properties, so they need to buy specific pet bath lotion. Parents who have conditions suggest preparing dental cleaning products and developing the habit of brushing teeth for cats from childhood. Otherwise, the accumulated dental scale is very likely to cause oral diseases, and pet tooth washing needs general anesthesia, the risk is relatively large, and the cost is not low.

3) Non essential nutrition / hair cream, various kinds of medicine for regulating gastrointestinal tract, vitamins, taurine and other nutritious products

Nutritional paste: the nutritional paste is basically equivalent to that of the shiliujia. As long as the main food is nutritious, the cream can be purchased without purchase. If you want to buy it as a snack, you can also reward it occasionally.

Hair cream: hair cream can not really "hair", but it can only play the role of intestinal lubricant to help cats excrete hair balls. The most evaluated substitute of huamaogao is to plant cat grass, buy some wheat or barley seeds.

Other items can be purchased according to the situation. If it is a kitten or a cat with bad stomach, it is recommended to prepare some gastrointestinal medicine. Brady yeast is a good tool for soft stool treatment.

4) Non essential: cat toys, cat nest, climbing frame

Whether to purchase the above items according to the economic situation

After picking up the cat home, the day of the excrement officer officially opened. Congratulations on your becoming a cat family at last.

What you have to do at this time is:

1. Prepare food and water to make cats adapt to the environment. As has been said before, cats are very timid and sensitive animals, and there will be more or less stress reactions in unfamiliar environment. Many excrement officers, excited and curious about first raising cats, will constantly harass cats. This is a very bad behavior. The correct way is to restrain the joy of the heart, prepare food and water, and then give the cat a quiet and undisturbed space, let them know it by themselves, one day in a short period and half a month. The time for the cats with different personalities to adapt to is different. Be patient, and wait for them to find you close. In addition, don't rush to change cat food, and we must step by step.

2. While the cat is familiar with the environment, parents should observe whether the cat's behavior is abnormal or not, whether there is any disease, etc. if so, it should be sent to the doctor for treatment in time.

3. After the cat has fully adapted to the new living environment, it can start to consider the problem of insect repellent and vaccine. The first year of the vaccine is generally three shots + rabies. After that, only one vaccine is needed every year. Cats who don't go out can not fight rabies.

4. Cats less than half a year or not fully vaccinated are not recommended to take a bath. In fact, cats are very clean animals and do not need to go out for free, so bathing is not frequent. Normally, it can be washed every half a year or every quarter. After washing, blow dry the whole body immediately to avoid cold or skin disease.

5. 3-5 months of kittens are the most lively and unimportant time, at this time parents' sleep may be affected, and will gradually improve when they grow up.

6. The feeding of kitten in the period of childhood should be mainly good cat food and canned staple food, and snacks should be fed less or not at all, so as to avoid adverse effects on the intestines and stomach of kittens, and also avoid the bad habit of pickling.

7. Do not give cats clothes or wear ropes and bell collar. Cats need to lick their hair to relieve pressure. Long time clothes can cause their anxiety; Although the collar looks at sprouting, it is easy to cause safety risks, and there are not a few examples of suffocation and death caused by rope.

8. Attach a food feeding form for kittens for reference, which can be adjusted according to individual situation.