Pay attention to the cat owners!
04.26.2021 | ogcatlitter | Introduction to new cat raising

Dog owners have some concerns. In fact, dog owners don't need to have so many concerns, because it's a very simple thing to raise a dog. We just need to know what it should eat and what it shouldn't eat, and then occasionally take the dog out for a walk or something. But the cat is not the same. If we want to raise a cat, There are a lot of things to pay attention to. Let's take a look at these points.

The first point is to eat. In fact, it's not just cats that eat. Dog owners should also pay attention to it. Whether they are at home or go out for a long time, they should prepare enough food and water for cats. These are very important, and this is what cats need.

The second point is to be careful that cats will bite. Cats like to bite people very much. It has to be said that when they are around their owners, sometimes they will bite their owners' fingers, sometimes they will bite their owners' arms. In fact, if cats bite people, they can be changed. We only need to train them when they are young, Whenever a cat opens its mouth to bite us, no matter whether it bites us or not, whether it hurts or not, we yell for pain. In this case, the cat will be scared. Then they will think in their heart that if they bite us like this, the owner will be very painful. Slowly let the cat form a habit. In this way, slowly the cat will not bite.

The third point is that it is difficult for kittens to adapt to the new environment. When they first come into contact with the new environment, they always feel very flustered. Moreover, they are also small pets lacking a sense of security. When they are in the new environment, they always walk around. In fact, what they think is very simple. They just want to find a safe place to hide, At this time, we all have to prepare a carton for kittens. After preparing the carton, when kittens see it, they will consciously drill into the carton. When they drill into the carton, they will feel very safe and sleep soundly and comfortably.

The fourth point is to take a bath. Many pet owners like to take a bath for their cats. They want to make their cats clean. In fact, cats also like to take a bath very much, because cats are a kind of clean animals. Even in normal times, cats can often wash themselves to keep a clean body, But when we bathe cats, we must pay attention not to bathe them in cold water, because cats are very vulnerable. If we use cold water, cats will get sick. Therefore, we suggest that you do not wash kittens too often. We just need to wash them once every other time.