The first time to raise a cat
04.26.2021 | ogcatlitter | Introduction to new cat raising

one  : Buy a cat


Make sure to choose according to your own preferences. It is important to note that when you choose a cat, you need the cat to choose you. At least, it is very difficult to adjust the cat's character. If you see any rejection of the cat to you, or you are not particularly fond of the cat, you should take care of it. Do not reluctantly raise it. Remember that character is the top priority of selecting cats.


Ears are free of ear excrement, clean and smell free; Eyes are God, clear and bright; The nose is moist but there is no mucus secretion such as snot; Mouth no bad breath, no drool; The fur is smooth and smooth, glossy and bright, and there is no depilation area; Active, sound healthy. Especially for rear yard cats, we should be more careful when choosing. It is not recommended that we raise cats in other places for air transportation. It is not good to say to cats. The cats transported here are also very insecure. Most cats are sick in the week, which are handled by air transport to deceive consumers. The landlord's suggestion is that when choosing the cat in the backyard, if we can't distinguish the cat from the sick cat, we can look at it one time in advance and pay a deposit. We can go back to collect it one week later. In the observation, we can avoid buying "week cat" and sick cat greatly.


The best life with mom and friends in 3 months or so is the best way to be a cat. It is necessary to consider whether to accept the new owner.


Generally speaking, the character of cat is relatively stable, and the individual difference of rural cat is bigger but the constitution is better. When selecting cat, we need to do relevant homework in advance, know how to judge, and do not consider folded ear cat in informal channels.

two  : Cat Essentials

Cat food:

If you can't make your own cat meal every day, or don't have so much time to feed cats, dry food is the first element of cat survival. You must buy it. Don't think about eating leftovers like cats in rural areas. If you love your cat, choose a better cat food for your cat as the main food.

A water container:

Drinking water is particularly important for cats. Most cats are mainly fed dry food. If drinking water is not good, they will suffer from many diseases, such as stones, blocked urine and even renal failure. Drinking water here must be pure, mineral water and boiled water can be used. Never drink from the water.

A cat toilet (cat sand):

Cats are a very clean pet, so for it and for your own sake, we must prepare a cat toilet. If they can't buy it for a while, we can replace it with a washbasin. It should be filled with cat sand and cat sand. Cats will put shit urine on the top of the cat sand. Then you can clear up. Here, the choice of cat sand, I suggest that when I was a child, we should use expansive soil, and wait for the cat to use it skillfully, Change into tofu or pine.. Because of the dust of expansive soil, cats will not breathe well, but also will be blind. Male cats are prone to infection of small JJ in estrous period. If the cat can't use it, it can put it outside and put it in the cat sand basin, let it know the smell, know the place, and then it will slowly.

A cat out bag:

Your pet will inevitably get sick. Even if you don't get sick, you have to go out. So you need to buy an out of the box. You can ask the bottom to be hard. Don't be soft. Cats will be uncomfortable in it

Cat grab board / cat toy:

This is not as important as the above, but if you love your master, you can buy her some toys.

Cat nest:

More than 70% of the cats who buy cat nest are all bought in vain. Please do it yourself

three  : Immune repellent of cats


For newly bought cats, we suggest that we should do a check first, without requiring a comprehensive examination. It mainly checks several common infectious diseases of cats, such as cat blast, cat nose branch, genetic abdomen, etc., because once the seedlings get one of these diseases, the mortality rate is very high. If you buy a second cat, it is better to leave before you have done these tests. If the new cat is ill, both cats will die..


Cat fever and genetic abdomen to the hospital to check, a 80 or so (for reference only), but the landlord to everyone a suggestion is to go online to buy test paper, generally 16 yuan, with side pregnancy test paper, the same as the truth, there are detailed instructions. That would cost a little to determine the health of the cat( The cat's nasal branch seems to have no test paper, but the symptoms of the branch are obvious. The pus secretion of the mouth and nose, sneeze, Rabies also do not, (here is a simple popularization of rabies knowledge: if the newborn kitten is not infected by rabies virus through saliva during this period, there will be no rabies, so we don't have to worry too much).


At present, domestic partner animal hospitals and clinics often inject vaccines to cats. The commonly used vaccines include imported triple vaccine for cats, imported rabies vaccine, domestic rabies vaccine and domestic vaccine for feline fever. Note that only healthy cats can be vaccinated (it is recommended that the vaccine be taken for about 3 months and in good health, as the injection of the vaccine is a test of the health of the cat). Subcutaneous injection.

1. triple vaccine for cats: cat triple vaccine is an imported cat vaccine, which is a universal product in the world to prevent the fever of cat blast, cat goblet virus infection and infectious rhinotracheitis. Immunization method: the cats with more than 2 months need to be immunized twice (muscle injection), with an interval of 2-3 weeks; After that, the vaccination was given once a year. The clinical effect of this vaccine is true.

2. rabies vaccine: there are two kinds of domestic and imported products, which are used to prevent rabies. Cats with more than 3 months can be immunized for one year and should be vaccinated once a year. From the clinical effect, both imported and domestic rabies vaccine have better effect.

4. top priority: first, only healthy cats can be vaccinated.

So, how to confirm that the cat is in a healthy state? In general, veterinarians should perform clinical physical examination for cats, including temperature, breath, heartbeat times, body surface examination and medical history inquiry. The temperature of normal kittens is 38-38.5 ℃, and that of adult cats is about 38.0 ℃, but they should not exceed 38.7 ℃. Unless individual cats are just coming out of the sultry cars, the temperature may be slightly higher. The body surface examination mainly observed whether there were eye secretion and nose runny, whether the color of oral mucosa was abnormal, whether there was hyperplasia of blood vessels in conjunctiva of eyes, vomiting, food loss, diarrhea, infectious disease history, and contact with the sick cat.

Secondly, after vaccination, there is a certain protection rate, but the protection rate is not 100%. This shows that when the resistance of the vaccinated cats is reduced, if they contact the cats who are suffering from the disease, they may also suffer from uploading.

Third, only after 7 days of vaccination can a certain amount of antibodies be produced, which can provide a certain protection for cats; Therefore, the cat who had just been inoculated for 1-3 days is not in the safe period, and the effect of the vaccine is not fully reflected.

Fourth, the cat who has been injected with serum will take about 20 days to get vaccinated. This is because it takes a certain time for the serum (containing certain antibodies) to disappear from the body or to fall below a certain level.

Fifth, cats in the incubation period of disease (such as feline plague) did not get sick at that time, but they would be in 1-7 days after vaccination and should be treated.

Sixth, normal vaccination should be once a year. It is not considered that cats will not be vaccinated if they do not leave the house, or they are considered safe after 2-3 times of vaccination. If they do not vaccinate later, it will provide an opportunity for the spread of the virus, because the owner of the cat should contact the outside world and may be one of the infectious media.

In addition, vaccine is a biological product, and some cats occasionally have allergies after vaccination. Therefore, after vaccination in animal hospital, we should stay for about 10 minutes to observe whether there is abnormal change of breath, heart beat number or even shock. If there is any, the veterinary should be asked to treat it in time.

It is better not to bathe in one week after vaccination, in order to prevent cold and overheating from affecting immune effect or infection after needle eye is polluted. Some cats with poor immunity. After the vaccine is injected, it can not produce enough antibodies, so it should be noted.

Insect repellent:

1: Exorcism in vitro:

In vitro, the exorcism is mainly some parasites on the skin, such as the ones with jumping Sao, common insecticides, freon, great favor, and saoling.

2: Insecticidal:

The body repellent mainly aims at the parasites in the stomach and stomach of cats. If pets eat meat, especially raw meat, parasites will be produced. Parasites cause enteritis, blood free, loss of appetite and even death. Common insecticides are Bayer, miaoba, big favor, etc..

3: Note:

What we need to pay attention to here is that the so-called insect repellent means that the insect is driven again with insects, and do not blind drive insects, because it is the medicine that has side effects. If you blindly take insect repellents in vivo, it will disturb metabolism, deposit toxins, and excessive Exorcism in vitro will stimulate skin. So we should judge that if the indoor environment for cat raising is very clean, cats are almost not whistly. If they find cats tickle frequently and grasp their ears, they can take away their hair and observe them. If there are insects driving insects, if they are inside, they should observe the cat more easily. If they pull out the insects and bring blood, there must be worms. If you can't tell, they can only choose blind drive,

It is recommended that it be done once in three months or six months. If meat can increase the frequency (here is Bayer type of common insect repellent) if it is a coccidiosis that causes pet blood, you need to take another insecticide, and then you can go to the pet hospital to ask the doctor.

4: Pet cleaning:

1: Comb:

It is very common for a cat to lose hair. Therefore, every owner of a cat needs to buy a comb for the cat. Combing it once or twice a week can reduce the flying hair in the room and make the master more beautiful.

2: Bath:

If the cat is not particularly dirty, it is not recommended to bathe. If it is bathed, it can not be more than twice a month. For a while, the cat's skin will generate a kind of grease. One of the functions of this grease is to protect the skin, and the other is to nourish the hair. Frequent bathing will destroy the grease. The pet's hair may be washed worse and worse.. Kittens who have not been vaccinated are not recommended to take a bath, because of their poor resistance, fear of cold. If it is necessary to wash, it is recommended to use pet dry cleaning powder. After bathing, it is necessary to dry, and it is easy to breed tinea pussypium if not dried. If the master is particularly afraid of hair blowing, dry it with deer skin towel and toilet paper. In short, I hope you will put the experience on cleaning and cleaning, not on the cleaning of cats.

3: Eye shit:

It is normal for cats to have eye shit, and people have. Especially Garfield and jinjila, there will be more eye poop, and may also shed tears. Wipe it frequently every day, otherwise the hair under the eyes will become dirty, and you can also buy some water to remove tears and wipe the hair of the eyedroppings (pay attention not to wipe eyes, don't touch the eyes)

4: Nail cutting:

Once a week.

5: Pet healthcare:

1: Nutrition:

Blood liver essence, high nutrition, vitamins, calcium tablets, snacks.. Wait for the effort, we should pay attention to not blindly to supplement, if not lack, occasionally eat a little more body, do not take medicine as food, vitamins, calcium, magnesium and zinc are all trace elements, eat too much is not good, snacks when reward, do not feed greedy.

2: Supplementary food:

Cats will be very short of water when they eat dry food, and most cats don't like to drink water. Therefore, we need to give cats some auxiliary food appropriately, such as canned food, wet food, or homemade cat meal. The first reward is for cats, the second is to improve the taste, and the third is to make up water. For example, can or something, it is not so much to eat. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat to die.. Personal recommendation cat meal (no additives, good and cheap), when eating cat meal, can add a little more water, to the main son water.

3: Pet drugs:

1) : gastroenteric drugs, cats' intestines and stomach are much more vulnerable than human beings. The problems of cats' intestines and stomach are also the most common problems. Here I recommend some drugs, probiotics > mommy love > lactobacillus tablets. Probiotics are the best. Mummy love can brush medical insurance cards. Lactobacillus tablets are commonly used in the home. It is cheap. If you find that cat larva can eat some of these.

2) : ear mite: the pet is comfortable in cleaning ears. Usage: first clean the external ear canal, drop 3-5 drops, let the pet dump the dirty things, then wipe it clean, once or twice a day until it is clean.

3) Cold: aspirin can be used in children, and the dosage is 4 branches, 1 to 2 branches and 1

4) Eye disease: eye disease is divided into virus, bacterial and viral symptoms: eyes can not open, tears flow, eyes are also blue nose like secretions, and the fundus of the eye also has. This kind of eye potion for cats is named acyclovir.   Bacterial is generally the red brown of eye excrement, eye angle, eye circle red, if it is eyeball inflammation, can use chloramphenicol eye drops, or aureomycin eye cream, drop into the eyes. If it is inflammation of the corner of the eye, swelling, use aureomycin eye cream, apply to the corner of the eye.