There are 40 common knowledge about raising cats, one of which you don't know
04.26.2021 | ogcatlitter | Introduction to new cat raising

1. Cats don't have to walk. Walking the dog is for its health. By the way, it solves the problem of defecation. The cat doesn't have to walk. It's comfortable to leave it alone.

2. Defecate by yourself. Prepare the cat toilet, cat litter. The cat will defecate and bury it. You need to clean up regularly. Cat litter, cat food and cat toilet are necessary for cats. Cat nests don't have to be bought, they will find their own favorite place to lie down. Cat collars (flea rings, bells) don't have to be bought. Wearing the collar for a long time will wrinkle the hair of the neck, the flea proof ring has no effect, and the bell will make a noise. Don't tether, cage. Don't buy cat clothes. Cats don't like bondage.

Don't feed milk to kittens. Some cats are born lactose intolerant, feeding milk will dilute.

4. Cat staple food must be suitable dry food, no less than 50% of all food.

5. They sleep almost 16-20 hours a day. There are 2 times (20 minutes each time) active time. Pay attention to the fragile products at home. Tableware, cups, vases and so on, they will accidentally fall off the ground.

6. Internal and external deworming. Eat twice a year, don't say don't go out, don't eat dirty food words.

7. Observe the cat's middle ear every two weeks. If it's black and dirty, drop a few drops of ear oil, then gently rub the back of the ear, and then use a cotton swab.

8. When you are sick, you should take it to the doctor in time. Cats are very skinny and don't like to get sick. But when you get sick, it's easy to hang up. Such as poor appetite, diarrhea. See a doctor as soon as possible.

9. It's OK for a cat to vomit. They may be spitting balls, or eating too much, eating too fast.

10. If you have a cat on the third floor or above, you should consider whether to close the balcony according to the mischievous degree of the cat. According to the size of the balcony and the materials used to seal the balcony, about 500-1000rmb (including labor). There is a kind of plastic coated steel wire with invisible effect, which can be considered for use.

11. Cats love to bite thread. Computer power cable, mobile data cable, headphone cable, etc. When biting, it is necessary to warn and stop. The cat will know that the thread can't be bited if the times are too many. At the same time, pay attention to the line.

12. The cat must be thoroughly dried after taking a bath. It's not easy to blow dry the hair close to the body, and the frequency is once a month at most.

13. Cats like to grind their paws. The family should prepare the cat scratch board for them. If the thick cat scratch board is polished, you will not patronize your leather sofa.

14. No need to be fostered in a pet store when going out for a short time. Cats are afraid of strange environment and have stress reaction when they go to strange environment. It's better not to foster them elsewhere when they go out for a short time. Enough food, water and litter can be prepared when they go out within a week. Of course, it's better to arrange friends to come and lick every day.

15. Sterilize in 6-8 months. Otherwise, cats and people will not live in peace. Male cat sterilization is just to remove the eggs, female cat trouble, remove the ovaries or uterus. Sterilization not only deprives cats of their normal physiological needs and a lot of fun in life. Estrus is the cat's normal physiological instinct, is a healthy nature. Owners often feel annoyed by the estrus of cats. Cat static cat food fully considers various physiological conditions of cats during oestrus to ensure the overall nutritional balance and alleviate the abnormal state of cats in special periods. Help the cat spend this special period peacefully and create a peaceful life for the family.

16. You don't need to buy cat toys. They enjoy themselves. They can find a feather for half a day.

17. Buy a hair comb. Cats like to comb their hair, especially in spring and summer. They lose their hair badly. Comb off the old hair, they are very happy, and reduce the hair licked to the stomach. There will be less cat hair at home.

18. Cleaning cat hair: vacuum cleaner (suitable for large plane, floor, bed), wet rag (small plane, curved surface, such as sofa back, desktop), sealing tape (suitable for cleaning fur on clothes).

19. To feed raw meat, freeze it for 48 hours and return to normal temperature before feeding.

20. Touch the cat's own inaccessible areas, such as forehead and shoulder blades. Don't drag the cat's tail. Cat tail is an important balancer for cats. Pulling hard will affect their sense of balance. Don't trim the cat's beard. A cat's beard is a measure of a cat. As long as it is the width of the beard, the cat's body can pass through.

21. Don't let the cat catch all kinds of cotton thread and fine thread. They usually play first and then swallow them in one piece. It can affect digestion and cause vomiting. But don't panic, most of the cases will be discharged in about 2 days. Don't feed cat noodles.

22. When playing with cats, they may hurt people because they are too happy to master the scale. They don't mean it. Don't be angry. Use a nail clipper to cut the fingernail of the cat, and cut the tip about 3mm to reduce the chance of accidental injury. If it's a naughty cat who always likes to climb the balcony, be careful. Claws that are not sharp greatly increase their chances of falling.

23. When playing with a cat, pretend to bark when it bites your finger, even if it doesn't hurt. Then it will know that it has hurt you, and it will let go immediately. This kind of training is learned when a litter of kittens play with each other, that is, to master the propriety. Because some cats have been meowing alone since childhood, they have not got this kind of experience, so it is necessary to teach them.

24. Scratched by a cat. They are too high. If you don't handle them properly, they will hurt people. Rinse with soapy water for 15 minutes, then apply iodophor.

25. Cat bites and rabies infection risk( Goutong

If they look healthy when bitten by cats, dogs or ferrets, the owner should isolate them for 10 days and observe them without rabies vaccine. So far, there has been no case of rabies in the United States during the period of animal isolation (10 days). If the biting animal is sick at the time of biting or sick during the 10 day isolation period, the veterinarian should assess the signs of rabies and consult the medical advice for the use of rabies vaccine.

26. The most common way for a cat to find out the outside world is the nose (the baby's lips), followed by scratching and mouth teeth again.

27. A cat's pad is the only sweat gland. If you touch the meat mat in summer, you will sweat like the palm of your hand.

28. Cats are weak in color discrimination (dogs are also weak).

29. The cat can't see clearly within the distance of about 25cm. It depends on its sense of smell and beard to locate.

30. When there is a cat, all the cats whining are female.

31. Like people, cats have different personalities. The older they get, the harder they are to please.

32. When a cat kisses someone, it will wake you up, meow at it, and they will meow back. Will support the family, kill all the invasive reptiles, in a good mood to swat flies and mosquitoes. Two claws of a cat will bring wealth to the family. Cats treat you as if you were the same kind. A cat tumbling in front of you is a sign of security and trust. Fingers on the back of meow's cheek (follow the direction of the beard), it will know you like it. Blinking at it is like saying you love it.

33. Cats can sense people's emotions. When you are sad and cry, they will come to check you. When you're angry and irritable, they stay there quietly.

34. Have the ability to learn, can imitate the behavior of other cats, can understand the simple behavior of people. For example, when people open the door, they will claw the door handle when they want to go out.

35. Cat attributes.

Sunflower attribute: like to bask in the sun, like warm hate cold.

Dandelion attribute: hair loss.

Border attribute: like to lie in the border, such as a piece of paper, carton.

Commanding point attribute: they like to conquer and occupy the highest position in their family.

Bird attributes: they have no wings, but they can fly.

Strong curiosity, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hyperactivity (especially for kittens under one year old), cleanliness.

Artist attribute: drug use. Peppermint, Polygonum hydropiper, essential balm and bleach all make most cats ecstatic.

36. Cat's switch. At the back of the neck is the meow switch. Hold on to the skin and they won't move( Don't do that when meow is extremely scared.)

37. If you are familiar with their temperament, you can get along with them better and fight with them. For example, they hate the smell of orange peel. If they put two pieces on the shelf, they will avoid climbing up. They are too high for a moment. When they fly in the room, they get wet, shake twice, and then stroke along their back. They have to stop and find a place to lick their hair (who calls you cleanliness mania who calls you obsessive-compulsive disorder), which can calm them down and remove the floating hair from their bodies at the same time.

38. The elves have an agreement with human beings that under any circumstances, they will stop everything and count the salt one by one. Cats and humans also have an agreement. Most of the time, if you put your fingers upright in front of them, they will sniff.

39. Be prepared that they will leave you one day. All company is temporary, long or short, people and people, and things, and animals. It's time to meditate. In fact, they have become a part of you and continue to exist.

Prevention and treatment of black chin / feline acne. Cat's constitution and eating habits and other reasons, can cause black chin. Serious chin will lose hair and become swollen and rotten. Wash the affected area with mild soap or tea soaked in gauze, and then apply erythromycin eye ointment. Change the food bowl and water bowl to metal / ceramic / glass instead of plastic. The latter two are fragile.