Tips for novice cat Slaves: what should be paid attention to when raising a cat for the first time?
04.23.2021 | ogcatlitter | Introduction to new cat raising

What should be paid attention to when raising a cat for the first time? As a person who attaches great importance to the experience of getting along with others (of course, Yan value is also very important), I have written some of the following tips for new cat slaves.

1. The appearance of Chinese garden cat is certainly not as good as that of famous breed cat, but its constitution is much better than that of famous breed cat. Strong constitution means less worry in daily life and less investment in medical treatment.

p.s   Try not to keep Garfield's flat faced cat. It's very tired and you'll be tired. If you really don't want to raise a garden cat, Siamese cat is a very good breed in all aspects. It's very smart and loves the beauty. You can do whatever you want with the English short puppet.

2. If you buy a cat, try to choose the informed way. If you are lucky enough to pick up a stray cat, please take it to the pet hospital for examination.

3. When picking a cat, it's important to close your eyes. It's not that it's close to your eyes, but that you should close your eyes. If it takes the initiative to get close to you, it's definitely right to pick it. In a word, don't be obsessed with beauty. It's more important to choose one that looks like you. A cat with good character is usually strong.

4. If it's a kitten. In the first year, please collect all your valuable Thread objects. In the long tooth period, kittens may like to bite wires, data wires and so on. After a year, they will not.

5. Kittens under four months old should control their food intake. Can buy kittens can, do not give more, a spoonful a day is the upper limit.

6. Keep some cat Mint at home, but don't eat too much. Lemon water spray makes a bottle. If it does something wrong, it will be sprayed. If you are very fond of scratching a piece of furniture, spray a layer of lemonade on the furniture.

7. If there are many plants at home, it's better to check which plants should not be raised by cats in advance, and be prepared that cats will eat them up (orchids must be eaten).

8. Be psychologically prepared. From now on, there will always be hair on your clothes. It's not clean. Believe me, don't try in vain. The reward is to travel. Local cats are more likely to get close to those who keep cats for a long time. They can smell the same smell on you.

9. Can never become a staple food for cats. If it's a famous breed cat, you need to buy special cat food. If it is a garden cat, the French royal family can meet the supply. Don't buy domestic Xiyue Weijia. There is no upper limit for canned food. Choose the expensive one. If you have the energy to make cat food, it's best.

10. If a cat likes to eat fresh seafood, it can eat it, but it can never eat salted seafood! What kind of pickled fish, shrimp, scallop and squid? Absolutely not. The principle is that people should not eat food for cats.

p.s   Never give a cat chicken bone! Small pieces of chicken bone are very likely to get stuck or even pierce the cat's throat, which is very dangerous.

11. Buy a fountain water dispenser, the kind of automatic filtering, cats like to drink live water, and increase the amount of water, in the long run is good for cats. Male cats are easy to get urinary system diseases after middle age. We should pay attention to cultivate the habit of drinking more water.

12. Learn to cut your cat's nails. For example, if you listen to a song, it may ask you to cut your nails.

13. Sterilization should not be too early, generally 10-12 months old is better, too early is not good for cat development.

14. Cats need patience. Dogs were domesticated by humans thousands of years ago, while cats are still not completely domesticated. Basically, the trouble and fun of raising a cat are here. Find the unique bond between you and it, and get along with it. Don't try to change it.

15. If you really want to give up, please find a good place for it, don't abandon it at will.