Tips for raising cats
04.23.2021 | ogcatlitter | Introduction to new cat raising

Strategy for cat raising | excellent and good things for cat raising + precautions

Recently, there are many pet sisters who ask me a lot about cats and cats. The most problematic is that many novice owners don't know how to raise cats. It is not a simple thing to develop a delicate and healthy kitten. Besides the daily canned cat food, it is necessary to provide some extra nutrition for the cat. So let me share some of the important parts for you today.

Get ready for cat

1. do a good job of protection

Take the tools and fragile products in the home to prevent the kitten from being injured.

Collect chocolate, coffee, various drugs, cleaners, insecticides / camphor pills in the house to prevent kittens from eating by mistake.

Some other plants, such as lilies, are toxic to kittens.

2. pay attention when you get home

Give the cat a quiet environment, and don't worry about playing. Let the kitten know the environment first.

Take the kitten to the rice bowl and the cat sand basin to familiarize it with the location of eating and going to the toilet.

If the kitten hides, it is not necessary to actively look for or approach the cat.

3. food and drink

The 7-day method of changing new food is required.

 can and milk powder can not be given immediately, and can be waited for 1-2 days.

· canning and cat food should not be eaten at the same time.

Don't drink tap water to cats.

Excellent and good

1. goat milk powder

Kittens usually have delicate intestines and stomach, so they will be more critical about milk powder, while goat milk powder is the milk powder closest to breast milk, which is easier to digest and absorb than other dairy products, and the content of immunoglobulin is very high, which can increase immunity. Milk powder contains IgY, oligosaccharide, DHA, taurine, lecithin and other nutrients, which can help cats protect eyes, prevent infection, supplement nutrition and protect intestinal health.

Feeding method: the feeding quantity was selected according to the weight of pet with 1:6 warm water, and double the pregnancy and lactation period.

2. cat sand

Cat uses cat sand to cover up the instinct of its fecal smell. Activated carbon tofu cat sand has the functions of good condensation, strong water absorption, strong net smell and low dust protection. It can be used for digging and burying feces, degradation of natural materials, and flushing toilets, so that the excrement officer can no longer worry about the classification of garbage.

Usage: pour the cat sand evenly 3-5cm thick in the cat sand basin. After defecation, shovel the agglomerated part out of the cat sand basin. Add the dough after each shovel. It is recommended to replace the new cat sand every two weeks.

3. maoball slice of cat grass

Cats lick hair hundreds of times a day, which is easy to cause accumulation of hair balls, and lead to trichoglobulosis. This hairball tablet is a natural pure plant extract, rich in dual natural dietary fiber, it has the function of quick hair, refusal to vomit, improving constipation, defecation and odor, and protecting the stomach and intestines. It can promote the peristalsis of the stomach to discharge the hair ball and prevent the hair ball disease.

Feeding method: break into small pieces and feed directly, or mix it in cat food or can, and feed twice a day.

4. calcium tablets

Calcium is an indispensable nutrient in the process of cat growth. The amount of calcium directly affects the development and growth of cats' bones. Calcium tablets can help cats to supplement nutrition, enhance resistance, strengthen physique, consolidate teeth, prevent osteoporosis, protect joints, protect intestines and stomach. It is not only palatable, but also added a variety of microelements, which can help to enhance appetite, improve hair explosion and meet the nutritional needs of cats.

Feeding method: feed directly according to weight or mix in food. I usually mix it in cans.

5. pet deodorant

The family that nourishes favor inevitably has peculiar smell, along with the weather becomes hot, the saliva that loves pet, urine Sao flavor, fecal taste will become more aggravating. With deodorant can quickly purify and decompose odor source, and kill virus bacteria efficiently! Improve air quality. The biological peptide + plant component extraction, natural health, harmless to dogs and cats. The fragrance is citrus, and it will not affect the beloved respiratory tract; The nozzle is a fog type mode, spraying on the area that needs disinfection and odor elimination. Such as nest mat, cage, pet stool, cat sand, and pet body surface.

Step 1: rotate the switch, off is to turn off the nozzle, and spray is to turn on the nozzle

Second part: spray from 20cm to disperse the spray evenly.

6. pet shower gel

The pH of human skin is totally different from that of cat. Use more easily appear depilation, skin sensitivity easy to infect and other diseases. This shower gel is a kind of medicinal plant essence. It can promote healthy growth of skin, beautify hair and lighten color and reduce hair loss. It can also alleviate the problems of dry skin, imbalance of fat and itching allergy. While cleaning the cat, it can protect the skin and moisten the hair, so that the hair can be smooth, fluffy and brightened. The most important thing is that this shower gel can keep fragrance for a long time, and the light fragrance can be kept for a long time!

usage method:

Step 1: soak pet hair with warm water, take appropriate shampoo according to the size of pet (it can be diluted with water at 1:20 ratio), and then apply it to the whole body of pet.

The second step: knead until the foam is rich, rinse with water.

matters needing attention

If there are other kittens in the house, the new kitten shall be isolated for at least 3 days after receiving them home.

Pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the living environment of the cat, and try to sun for 1-2 hours every day.

Don't take cats out often. Strange environment will make cats nervous and afraid, and will cause the decline of functional constitution.

Do not let cats sleep on the floor in spring and autumn, so that they can catch cold and catch cold.

Don't drink tap water, need to drink cold boiled or mineral water.

Keep the food fresh and change the overnight food when it is wet.

The kitten entered the development stage for 4 months, and it is suggested to supplement nutrition.

The above is the strategy shared to you. I hope it will be useful for all the new officials