What do novice cats need to pay attention to?
04.23.2021 | ogcatlitter | Introduction to new cat raising

It's a very lucky thing to pick up a kitten home. Since then you have more children and more partners of your life. Before deciding to raise a kitten, we should be prepared for the whole life of it. Because once the kitten is released to the wild, the life span is only 2-3 years at most, and the end is very sad. So you can't raise acridine rashly without being prepared. Of course, cat, a magical species of rodent guards since the ancient Egyptian period in 2500 BC, has brought endless joy to a group of people because of its mild nature, quiet and lovely characteristics.

Now more and more friends love cats, let's talk about what preparation a new cat keeper should do!

First, judge whether it is a big cat or a milk cat. It is suggested that novice choose cats for more than two months, and feed kittens who can eat cat food and defecate themselves. Milk cat still wait for oneself to have some experience, or try to feed in case of emergency.

1、 To the cat:

1. health examination. Before the next cat comes back, make sure the cat is healthy and whether it has been repelled.

2. select the appropriate cat receiving tool: you can choose the appropriate size pet aviation box or small cage (the cloth cover with air permeability on the outside can prevent the cat from being frightened by unfamiliar environment). Try not to use cartons for cats to avoid half way escape.

3. give the cat a quiet and free environment. Don't rush to hug or kiss a cat when she gets home. Families with children should pay special attention to not letting children tease cats first. Cats are famous sensitive and slow hot animals. In order to prevent cats from being surprised, try to give them a time to get familiar with the new environment. It is suggested that the kitten be put in a room first without disturbing it.

4. clean the cat. For the sake of family and cat health, we need to make a health check-up for the new members of the family. Observe whether the cat is dirty or not, if there are fleas, or cold (especially if there are other cats in the family, it is more important to make sure that the new cat should be confirmed that there is no cat plague, tinea and other infectious diseases to bring back again.)

Kittens within 3 months are not allowed to take a bath because of their low resistance. If you take a shower, close the window. And timely hot air blow dry. Be careful of cold.

Cats are fleas because they are fur covered animals. Fleas are more headache to run to people. Therefore, we should eliminate fleas and ticks in time. Check if there are fleas when the cat gets home. It is recommended that the Freund spray made in Germany be used. Taobao should have all. Just choose a reliable seller. Do not use the fenugin collar and fenolin as far as possible. Kittens under three months should be used as appropriate. Can't spray much. It's better to choose those flea products (this is a pit that hasn't been written yet)

2、 Equipment section:

Then we are going to start buying something. After the kitten got home, the first thing was to prepare for the tools for eating and drinking Lazar.

The first step is to buy the items that the master and child need.

A. Cat milk powder (KMR cat milk powder, sheep milk powder, limited conditions of meow parents can buy baby milk powder 1 section, or Shuhua milk) cat milk bottle, generally remove needles (can be bought in general pet hospitals), which is very important!!

B. Cat food and kitten delicacy package are important!!

So how to choose the right cat food. Of course, it is recommended natural food! Xiaobai will ask questions about natural food, whether it is expensive or not. At the minimum, we should buy Royal and developmental treasure. There are many promotion options. Overseas food such as now, ekina, Jinshu, Bailey, nutrius, longing, etc. Domestic grain such as toptrees is leading (the brand of listed companies favorite), and biele (fobe own brand), etc. For the selection of overseas grain, attention should be paid to the selection of the regular anti-counterfeiting standard of authorized stores, and the selection of national grain production should pay attention to the selection of large brands (regular large factories, quality control passes the customs). Domestic grain has made great progress in recent years. The price performance of Shuangxi, 618, annual goods Festival and other activities is very high. Zhongpet and Fubei (Fubei OEM brands are various, it is inevitable to have advantages and disadvantages, the best choice to look at the reputation and not blindly belittle) is a relatively trustworthy large factory, large enterprises also very cherish their wings will not steal work and reduce materials. Most of Hebei generation factories are not reliable, and it is not recommended to buy for a long time.

Don't buy those 10 yuan a jin of food. The nutrition inside is too little. Remember that cats are carnivores. We eat 13 yuan for a jin of pork. Some people buy food for a long time because of their greed and cheapness. One cat is not enough to eat, the other is that the food quantity will also increase. Not only does not save money, it also increases the risk of cats getting sick.

C. Cat sand + cat sand basin

Now there is all the cat sand in the market. You can choose as needed. The cajolie cat sand is the easiest to buy. The market supermarkets and pet markets are available. Pay attention not to buy too much dust, make the cat a body of dust and finally dirty the cat and the home.

D. Regular conditioning nutrition: mummy love (necessary), The needle tube with the needle removed (which can be bought by general pet hospitals), vitamin complex (optional), taurine (optional)

E. Nursing products (insect repellent drugs, eye drops, ear excrement drugs, small needle tubes for medical use, and nail clippers for cats)

F. Cat toys

G. Luxury level (cat toothbrush, cat toothpaste)

Here's note: A and C must buy. According to the age of kitten, cat milk powder is very important food for cats within 1-2 months.

3、 Feeding:

Cats are mammals, but they are not the same as people's eating habits. They are carnivores. And there are a lot of things that can't be eaten.

Dairy cats will experience three periods of growth.

The first period is the rapid growth period. We need cat food at this time. Cat milk powder is better added to cats in 3 months. Five to six meals a day( After eating, the hair of cat will be bright) the cat aged 2-6 months old will enter the rapid growth period after weaning. It needs high-quality food with balanced nutrition and high protein and heat to meet the needs of body growth. Kittens have small appetite and small mouth, but they grow and digest very quickly. Kittens must eat premium cat food with special formula. This kind of high quality cat food is characterized by meat as the main raw material, and it is very easy to digest, and contains a large amount of nutrients, which can meet the special nutritional needs of young cats.

1 month cat food: goat milk powder + soft cat food. Feeding frequency: once every 4 hours. Six meals a day( Milk can't be broken too early. Cat food 5-6) feeding: increase as appropriate. Concentration: one spoon milk powder and two spoons of warm water. The water temperature is still warm.

Excretion: prepare the kitten's sand basin. Kittens can now try to use the cat sand basin. Hold it into the cat sand basin and scratch it down. It's going to start playing.

2 months cat food: soft cat food + sheep milk powder feeding frequency: 6 hours once. More than 4 meals a day( Cat food as the main food, appropriate addition of cat can not too much. The milk powder is fed once a day.

Excretion: can defecate by yourself.

3 months cat food: dry cat food + main cat can occasionally feed sheep milk powder frequency: once every 8 hours, more than 3 meals a day( Goat milk powder is still given a little every day)

Cat food for 4 months and above: dry cat food + canned cat. Feeding frequency: one meal in the morning and night. At this time, cats and cats enter the period of long body and puff, and gradually change from sharp mouth to big baozi face. Give more every day you like to eat.

The second period is the rapid maturity. Choose to eat high quality dry cat food + cat can. Have a meal in the morning and evening. Add one if you want to. Cats over six months will be sexually mature. Cats start to grow slower and less active. At this time, they eat a large amount of food, so they can reduce the number of meals a day. Although the cat is very similar to a cat at this time, but it will grow up every day! Cats like to eat high quality dry cat food and add proper cans in this period!

The third period is the cat forming period. What you eat at this time is to be replaced with cat food. It's OK to feed them once a day, morning and night. Adult cats no longer need a lot of heat and nutrients provided by the food of young cats. Change food according to pet changing rules, and change slowly within 5-7 days. Cats in the room should pay attention to obesity. You can have a weight scale to monitor cats (very good).

3、 Clean up

Cleaning: the cat sand basin is almost shoveled twice a day. Once in the morning and evening. Of course, diligence is like I can see to shovel. The room should also be ventilated and cleaned frequently. The master and son generally like to be clean at home. If the ground is dirty, the master will be in a bad mood. So it's necessary to wipe the floor every week at home. Parents who love clean can also use 84 disinfectant or DuPont can be diluted and wiped.

Vaccine: if your family is a cat for more than two months, you should inject three shots of cat, three in one shot, and one shot for rabies. If your cat has reached more than three months, then it is OK to inject two cats, three in one shot. This first immunity is called basic immunity. Every year after that, cats are vaccinated, which is called enhanced immunity. The three cats' immunization should be injected once a year. Different manufacturers of rabies vaccine will have different requirements. Please consult the pet hospital for injection.

The vaccine can avoid the common diseases of cat blast and nasal branch. Some friends save money and don't want to fight, but for kittens and dogs, cat blast and nasal branch are very low cure rates( Po owner saved a dog with a dog blast, and died very badly at last. So parents please remember, one point price and one point of goods. Don't sacrifice kitten safety for saving money.

Wash: when the hot summer comes, you can take a bath for the main son of 4 months or more. The white master of the wool washing will be comfortable himself. But keep warm. Usually, the temperature difference between home and outside cannot exceed 3 degrees. If you see the main son has eye shit or scratch the ear, wipe it clean and drop eye drops and deonychus.

4、 Medical treatment

Here we will analyze several common cat disease treatment methods. All of them are shared after personal treatment( Don't sympathize with the Po owner) cats are a very strong Hunter type creature. Cats have a pain that never shows up. It is said that the sick cats will suddenly leave home and don't want the owner to see their death. Since we have raised such a proud and arrogant creature, we as masters will take out the ability to observe the color.

Cat illness performance 1: not in a good mood to hide

It's dangerous. When you come home, you find that your cat doesn't come to welcome you cheerfully, but you hide in your nest alone; When you take out its favorite toy, it does not rush up excitedly; When you come to it and call it gently, it doesn't respond... The cat is in a state of mental distress and tells you that it is ill. Cat mental distress is a precursor to many diseases. When cats are slow to move, introverted and slow to respond, they must pay attention to other reactions to judge the condition.

The cat is sick 2: dry nose and fever

The nose of a healthy cat is moist and cold. Except when the cat is asleep and when she is awake, if the nose is dry, it means that the cat is not very comfortable. If the cat has a fever in addition to drying, it is necessary to immediately measure the temperature of the cat, which is likely to have a fever.

Cat illness performance 3: respiratory tract abnormality

The symptoms of respiratory tract, such as sneezing, coughing and dyspnea, may be a problem in the nose and bronchus or a cold.

Cat illness performance 4: vomiting

Vomiting is also one of the important manifestations of cats' illness. The owner should pay attention to observe that if the cat's mental appetite is normal after vomiting, it is generally only spitting hair balls, and it is not necessary to care; If vomiting continues, you should fast and prohibit water for 24 hours and feed the lactose. If the vomiting symptoms disappear and return to normal after fasting, it should be caused by misfeeding and small gastritis, and no medical treatment is necessary. If vomiting continues and aggravates, it is necessary to seek medical treatment immediately.

Cat illness 5: drooling

When the cat has the symptoms of drooling or mouth odor, it is necessary to observe the mouth of the cat. The reasons for the saliva are foreign matters (such as chicken bones, needles and other sharp articles), mouth ulceration, etc., and it may be that the tongue head blisters caused by the lack of vitamin B. It can be cat leukemia when it's serious.

Cat illness performance 6: limp

When a cat is afraid to land or limp, a slight stab in her feet may be a serious fracture.

Cat illness 7: third eyelid exposure

When a cat sleeps, if you pick up its eyelids and see a white film attached to the eye, it is called the third eyelid. When a cat has a fever or is seriously weak, a third eyelid is exposed.

The cat's illness Performance 8: closed urine, frequency of urine, incontinence

Once the cat, especially the public cat, has a problem in the urinary system, parents must pay attention to it immediately, because once the cat has been holding urine for more than 24 hours, it will cause azotemia, even renal failure and uremia, and the consequences are very serious( If the treatment is timely, the cat can live a healthy life, but if the condition is delayed, it will pose a great threat to the life of the cat.